Monthly Archives: February 2012

Creative Statement


Throughout my childhood, one of the things that I remember was how immediately I was captivated by watching the television, so much, that I wanted to be on it. I wanted to be able to entertain people and make them smile, laugh, cry, and just make them feel the same way I felt watching a program. My love for TV and films grew even more as the years passed; I would watch all the American movies and shows I can before finally watching foreign films and TV shows, no matter what genre they were, as long as it has a great entertaining plot.

My goal is to dedicate my life to providing good quality shows and films for the public to watch and be inspired by. There really aren’t a lot of parts for Latin American people to play that represent them in a respectful manner. It is usually done in a stereotyped way, which is why I want to develop different projects that gave me a chance to represent the Latin community in a more realistic way. I want to be able to tell stories that haven’t been told and have the voice of someone, who feels small, heard. I would love to adapt that somehow into the American television.

One filmmaker I admire is Pedro Almodóvar.He is the director, producer and screenwriter of his movies, which I admire because his approach is hands-on from pre- to post-production.  I think having control over different aspects of my projects is crucial to help my vision come across clearly. I want to some day be able to  produce many TV shows  that could be sold internationally so everyone could relate to my work. I want to inspire the audience with my work and have them fall in love with the projects I come up with, so much, that it becomes a part of their lives.


What’s in a name?


Growing up I never really knew where my name came from since it isn’t even a name that could be pronounced in Spanish. “Tracy” was the name I was given simply because it left a good enough impression on my mother that she remembered it years later. I must’ve asked my mother about my name simply because I was curious as a kid. When I finally asked my mother why she decided to name me “Tracy” her response was that it was a beautiful name she came upon when she met her boss’ son’s girlfriend, Tracy, who she thought was very pretty. Tracy also happened to be white, blond, and American.

My mother was born and raised in Bolivia and my father was born and raised in Mexico. They both had a similar upbringing as they had a big family and lived in a small town. They both immigrated to America for a better opportunity at life and saw it is a chance to help their families out economically. Living in a country where you don’t dominate the native language was problematic for them but as the years passed, they somehow managed to integrate themselves into the American culture.

I think that picking out a name is an integral part of a persons upbringing. The name that a child carries will dictate every opportunity they get and is part of our identity. The name “Tracy” is of British, French, Irish, and Gaelic origin and means “brave”, “superior”, “more powerful”, “fighter”,and  “war-like”.  I actually like the meaning of my name since I do enjoy being athletic and I’m really determined to do the best I can.

I think that my mother’ choice of picking out the name “Tracy” was one of the many efforts any parent goes through to make their kids fit in in a society where you are constantly criticized and frowned down upon for your differences. Although I was born and raised in New York, which is ethnically diverse and embraces all cultures, I still think it was my mothers’ ways of further helping me assimilate into the American culture.