Creative Statement


Throughout my childhood, one of the things that I remember was how immediately I was captivated by watching the television, so much, that I wanted to be on it. I wanted to be able to entertain people and make them smile, laugh, cry, and just make them feel the same way I felt watching a program. My love for TV and films grew even more as the years passed; I would watch all the American movies and shows I can before finally watching foreign films and TV shows, no matter what genre they were, as long as it has a great entertaining plot.

My goal is to dedicate my life to providing good quality shows and films for the public to watch and be inspired by. There really aren’t a lot of parts for Latin American people to play that represent them in a respectful manner. It is usually done in a stereotyped way, which is why I want to develop different projects that gave me a chance to represent the Latin community in a more realistic way. I want to be able to tell stories that haven’t been told and have the voice of someone, who feels small, heard. I would love to adapt that somehow into the American television.

One filmmaker I admire is Pedro Almodóvar.He is the director, producer and screenwriter of his movies, which I admire because his approach is hands-on from pre- to post-production.  I think having control over different aspects of my projects is crucial to help my vision come across clearly. I want to some day be able to  produce many TV shows  that could be sold internationally so everyone could relate to my work. I want to inspire the audience with my work and have them fall in love with the projects I come up with, so much, that it becomes a part of their lives.


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