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“What I See…”


The opening title sequence for the hit British TV show, “Skins”, is by far one of my favorites. The title sequence is different from ones I’ve seen in other T.V. shows. A good title sequence is very important for T.V shows because it effects the viewership of the show. The message the audience gets from the opening title sequence has to be clear and concise so they have a good understanding of what the show is about.

The viewer gets a sense that There is a relationship between the words and images when it comes to making movie posters. There has to be a dialogue between them and the message has to be clear for an individual to want to go see the movie.

In the title sequence for “Skins” the actor and character names aren’t displayed in the title sequence. This allows the audience to focus more on the cool graphics displayed of all the characters and the music. I think this was a good idea since the show doesn’t really have just one protagonist. Each episode deals with the point of view of a different character.

The images used in the title sequence pop with color and have a really cool collage effect given to them. This relates to the fact that these teenagers are living in a fast-paced environment. Even the the name “Skins” clues you in that it will be a racy drama about different characters.

The theme music is also another important element for T.V shows. The music gives the opening credits a playful effect. It allows the viewer to associate the music with the show even if they aren’t watching it.

The typography of “Skins” is displayed at the end of the title sequence and appears to be in Arial font.  The T.V shows logo is artsy since it is translucent and you can see different images through it. This reflects the different view points the show will capture. The typography of the show, overall, conveys the message of the show.